What is a Head Lice Cap?

A thick cap immersed with all essential oils designed to eliminate head lice. The lice cap looks and feels like a regular shower cap. The Lice cap is different to other mainstream head lice products as it does not contain the neurotoxins and pesticides that are often used to kill head lice. Permethrin is a chemical used in conventional lice treatment is actually a common garden pesticide. Who would want that on their head? Instead, the Lice cap contains natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, aloe vera and lavender oil.

Does it work?
Yes, it really does. We have achieved a 99.9% success rate.

How does it work?
The essential oil compounds pass through the cuticle of the louse and up to their trachea causing death by suffocation. The reality is there is no 'nice'way to rid your hair of lice, and just two ways to get rid of them: using chemicals that can harm you, your hair and your scalp OR the Lice Cap way, that uses natural ingredients to kill the lice with no lasting impact on you or your hair.