How To Apply


     Step by step instructions:

  1. Place the cap over your hair, making sure you have covered all of your hair and scalp down to the nape of your neck and the back of your ears.
  2. Massage your head through the cap, working the oil through the strands of hair and down to the scalp. Important: Spend at least 2 minutes on this, ensuring that all the hair is coated with the oils.
  3. Leave in place for 10 minutes without touching or moving the lice cap.
  4. After the 10 minute wait time is up, repeat step 2 and 3 a further 3 times. In total you should allow 40 minutes of resting time for the natural oils to work down to the scalp.
  5. Use the lice comb provided to methodically work through your hair to remove the dead lice and their eggs. Take your time with this as it is essential that you remove all the eggs that you can see. Repeat this step daily for the next 3 days.

After a further 2 weeks it is recommended to repeat the whole process again with a second lice cap to ensure that no lice have survived. It is unlikely that you will feel the need to repeat the process but you should do it anyway.